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Touching the Living Art of Traditions

“Some-no-Sato Futaba-en” has succeeded the skills of Edo dyeing developed by our predecessors since it was founded in 1920. Adhering to the skills of our craftsmen, we have been offering “Tokyo Some Komon (Edo Komon)” and “Edo Sarasa.”

In 2003, we hosted the “Edo Sarasa and Komon Exhibition” at the Japanese Embassy in London, U.K. This is the time when we strengthened our thought “not to extinguish the light of traditional beauty of Japan,” and determined to begin the “Renovation Project of Edo Dyeing Ateliers.” Tokyo Some Komon and Edo Sarasa are publicly-recognized traditional handicrafts. Our mission is to protect this tradition while passing on the excellence of dyed goods to this generation.

In June 2008, “Some-no-Sato Futaba-en” reached the time of new departure for the future. We hope to communicate the “world of dyeing” woven from Edo to many people in the present age. We hope to challenge the new possibility of dyeing. It is our sincere hope that you will feel the traditional skills succeeded without break, and living today in the 21st century.

Motobumi Kobayasi
Representative Director
Some-no-Sato Futaba-en